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Swimming Pool

Background introduction

Why should balcony do waterproof? ① As the exposed balcony is exposed to the external environment, it must be waterproof to prevent the rain, snow and other environmental water from seeping downstairs. ② Even if it is a non exposed balcony, many owners also use the balcony as a place for washing and airing clothes, usually waterproof.

Program description

1. Concrete structural slab
2. Cement mortar leveling layer
3. 1.5-thk cq101 hg203 waterproof sealing material
4. Cement mortar protective layer
5. Lay the finishing layer

Matters needing attention

1. The balcony ground should have a certain slope, and the low side is the drain
2. Balconies and living rooms should have a height difference of at least 2cm.
3. Keep the balcony floor drain unobstructed.
4. The water pipe groove in the wall shall also be waterproof.