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Background introduction

● before construction, the construction unit shall arrange technical management personnel to review the roof engineering drawings, grasp some relevant structures and decide the construction scheme or technical measures of the roof engineering according to the situation. In this way, defects can be prevented after construction, rework can be formed, and the project can be opened in a planned way to avoid affecting the operation quality.
● it is necessary for the waterproof works of the roof to be constructed by the waterproof professional team or waterproof workers, and it is particularly important to note that the waterproof works of the roof cannot be carried out by the units and non waterproof professional teams or waterproof workers without the talent grade certificate. Not only that, the construction unit or the supervision company should carefully check the construction personnel's work license and strictly follow the request.

Program description

1. Concrete structure board (insulation roof)
2. Cement mortar leveling layer
3. 2 thick cq112 non curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating
4. 2 thick PCM reactive viscopolymer modified asphalt waterproof coating
5. Lay the thermal insulation layer of extruded foam board.
6. Fine stone concrete protective layer
7. Lay the finishing layer

Construction video

Matters needing attention

● it is strictly prohibited to carry out coiled material and heat preservation construction in rainy days.
● the leveling layer of the waterproof layer of coiled material shall meet the quality requirements and reach the specified drying degree.
● at the joints of roof corner, gutter, gutter, ridge, coiled material lapping and closing, it is necessary to carefully pave, compact, close and meet the design requirements, roof engineering technical specifications and other relevant regulations. Additional layer of coiled material shall be paved at the corner, gutter, gutter, gutter, ridge and other parts of the roof.
● excessive tension and wrinkles shall be avoided when paving the coiled material. The air between the base course and the coiled material shall be fully vented. After the air is vented to both sides of the transverse direction, the roller shall be used for flattening and bonding.
● the lap width and paving of coiled material shall be straight, and the construction shall be in strict accordance with the line marked by the base course.
● protect the waterproof layer when laying the insulation layer.