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Background introduction

The kitchen is a key area for home waterproofing. First of all, the daily life water, kitchen sanitary sewage and so on make the kitchen in the wet for a long time. Secondly, due to the settlement of the foundation, the long-term use of the house is easy to crack the kitchen, leading to leakage. There is also a point worthy of attention, at present many developers in the kitchen construction, basically do not arrange floor drains, water flows directly from the sewer. Such scrubbing and splashing make the kitchen stay in a humid environment for a long time, and water will infiltrate the whole wall through the floor tile joint through cement mortar, and water vapor will infiltrate the cabinet through the opening connecting the cabinet and the wall, resulting in the deformation of the board. At the same time, the humid environment will also lead to electricity safety. Therefore, the kitchen is not waterproof.

Program description

1. Concrete structural slab
2. Cement mortar leveling layer
3. Ground: 1.5-thk cq101hg203 waterproof sealing material
4. Wall: 5 thick rq303 polymer cement waterproof mortar
5. Cement mortar protective layer
6. Lay the finishing layer

Matters needing attention

● try not to damage the original waterproof layer.
● the floor tile shall be waterproof.
● make sure the wall is waterproof.
● the water pipe groove in the wall shall also be waterproof.