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Bathroom & Toilet

Background introduction

● toilet is the area with the most domestic water consumption. If there is water on the ground, it is easy for water to flow into the wall through the wall gap to produce leakage. Once the drain pipe at the floor drain is blocked, the water will accumulate on the ground and easily leak down through the cement layer.
● once the toilet leaks, more money, manpower and time should be wasted to rework or repair. The floor tile should be knocked out to find out the water pipe in the cement layer, the cause of the leaking tableland should be checked, and then repaired. After that, the floor tile should be set up again, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the owner's life.
● if the toilet leaks water, it will affect the life of the downstairs neighbors, and bring impact and inconvenience to their lives.
● if serious leakage causes damage to the downstairs decoration, compensation shall be made to cause unnecessary economic loss. In order to avoid the above phenomenon, we should do a good job of waterproof treatment when decorating the kitchen and bathroom to prevent the trouble in advance.

Program description

1. Concrete structural slab
2. Cement mortar leveling layer
3. Ground: 1.5-thk cq101 hg203 waterproof sealing material
4. Wall: 5 thick rq303 polymer cement waterproof mortar
5. Cement mortar protective layer
6. Lay the finishing layer

Matters needing attention

● do not damage the original waterproof layer during water and electricity transformation.
● choose the right waterproof material.
● make the wall waterproof.
● be sure to conduct waterproof inspection.