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Background introduction

The underground swimming pool is a ground excavation pool, which is buried in the ground as a whole. The base of the pool is brick masonry. The water-proof layer of the pool is immersed in water for a long time, and it is in a humid environment, and it bears a large water pressure in both directions. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality and effect of underground swimming pool waterproofing, the following factors must be considered: (1) in the design of construction scheme, many factors such as settlement, water pressure and material characteristics should be considered comprehensively, and the scheme of combination of rigid and flexible should be designed as far as possible to form the effect of complementary advantages; (2) Material selection should ensure the site adaptability of materials, the mutual adhesion between various materials, and the long-term waterproof effect.

Program description

1. Concrete structural slab (wall)
2. Cement mortar leveling layer
3. 7 thick rq303 polymer cement waterproof mortar
4. Cement mortar protective layer
5. Lay the finishing layer

Program advantages

1. The waterproof and impermeable construction scheme is composed of the traditional method and construction experience combined with the new waterproof technology. It can not only meet the design and specification requirements in theory, but also has been tested by users for many years. The waterproof effect and service life are ideal.
2. This scheme is a typical waterproof method of combination of rigidity and softness, which truly reflects the company's consistent policy: "combination of rigidity and softness, combination of multiple materials, complementary advantages, and long-term guarantee".
3. The flexible waterproof layer adopts the high polymer two-component spraying quick setting rubber, because the high polymer two-component spraying quick setting rubber has a good affinity with the non curing liquid rubber, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of hollowing and water channeling in the waterproof layer.
4. This scheme makes full use of the existing leveling layer and protective layer to form a rigid waterproof mortar layer, which not only reduces the construction cost, but also increases the number of waterproof courses to ensure the waterproof effect. Considering the current market situation and from the perspective of economy and practicability, the cost performance is better.
5. From a long-term point of view, this scheme has a long service life and is water-resistant, which is the optimization scheme to solve the problem of water-proof of swimming pool at present, avoiding many troubles of secondary leakage in the future use.

Matters needing attention

● because the swimming pool is immersed in open water for a long time, there is no chance of drainage. Therefore, good waterproof materials and strict waterproof construction are needed to achieve good waterproof effect.
● in view of the fact that the inner wall of the pool (including the inner surface of the base plate) is generally made of hard blocks, the sticking of blocks must be considered when considering the inner waterproof.
● for swimming pools in cold areas or outdoor swimming pools in cold winter and hot summer areas, guide joints can be set to solve the problem of surface temperature deformation as required.
● the underwater lamp of swimming pool is recommended to be finished product and embedded in advance. In the embedded position, the effective waterproof thickness of the concrete side wall shall not be affected.
● the water proofing of the above ground swimming pool is the same as that of the underground swimming pool. It is recommended that the outer wall of the pool be kept clean and free of any finishes, including paint. The purpose is to accurately determine the location of leakage and facilitate maintenance. Hanging parts shall not be buried at will on the bottom and outer surface of the pool wall; if they must be buried, they can only be buried at the bottom of the beam, and the drilling holes shall be waterproof.