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Background introduction

External wall waterproofing is a divisional waterproofing project to ensure that the structure of buildings (structures) is not affected by water and the internal space is not damaged by water. The external wall waterproof engineering plays an important role in the whole construction project. The exterior wall waterproof project involves the basement exterior wall of the building (structure), the housing exterior wall and many other exterior wall structures. Its function is to make the building or structure prevent the leakage of rainwater and domestic water and the erosion of groundwater within the design durability period, to ensure that the building structure and internal seizure are not polluted, and to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for people.

Program description

1. Concrete / brick external wall base
2. Cement mortar leveling layer
3. 1.5-thk cq105 JS composite waterproof coating
4. Cement mortar protective layer
5. Lay the finishing layer

Matters needing attention

● do not work below 5 ℃ and in rain, and do not work in humid or non ventilated environment, which will affect film formation.
● after construction, all parts of the project, especially weak links, should be carefully inspected and repaired in time.