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CQ112- Non-Curable Rubber Asphalt Waterproof Coating

CQ112 is a kind of active rubber, asphalt, and special additives as the main raw material, through special process made of a high creep hot melt type waterproof coating This product maintains the viscous and glacial state creep property, has the tensile strength, the anti-repeated fatigue, can be combined with many of the advantages, is a kind of multi-functional waterproof coating

Product Features:
1. With self-healing, seepage water, channeling water, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, never curing application advantages functions;
2. Creep resistance, self-healing and strong. Well to fill the pores and cracks in the base layer, waterproof layer appears damaged can repair itself, can effectively solve the problem of water channeling waterproof layer;
3. Excellent adhesion properties, touch sticky, difficult to peel, wet base surface bonded, also can be bonded to the substrate wood, metal, etc.
4. Excellent resistance to high temperature resistance. 60~70°C not flowing slip, -20°C still have good flexibility and adhesion;
5. Convenient  construction. Scratch and spray as needed, immediately deposition without maintenance, without overlapping, high efficiency;
6. High solid content, long shelf life. A solids content of up to 98%, confined conditions long-term storage.

1. Can be widely used in building various roofing;
2. Basement roof and side wall;
3. Subway, tunnel, bridge;
4. The complex structure of the tube, Yin and Yang and the deformation joints of various nodes;
5. The product can be used as a waterproof layer as well as a composite waterproof system with the adhesive waterproof coil of PCM.

1. Clean up the grass roots. The base level is flat, solid, without dust and debris, without water;
2. Local and node processing of the base. The fracture is greater than 2mm with 1:2.5 cement mortar; It is better to use cement mortar to block the important parts to improve the base strength. Strengthen the processing of the node parts;
3. The heating equipment is activated and the non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating is heated to the liquid state. The heating temperature varies with the climate and other conditions.
4. Will be heated evenly pour good liquid coating on the grassroots, bedding face painted according to the design requirements, uniform surface, no dew at the grass-roots level no accumulation is very thick, such as using spraying process, should be spray evenly;
5. The waterproof system of single layer: the zone should be used for the construction of cement mortar or fine stone concrete protection layer after the process of spraying or scraping the finished area.
6. Construction of composite rolling materials: the area should be made of waterproof rolling material at the same time, and the coil shall be straight, flat and without wrinkles, and the compacted exhaust shall be compacted by roller. The width of the rolling material meets the specification requirement, and the non-curing coating is used for sealing and bonding. Construction of cement mortar or fine stone concrete protection layer after water storage acceptance;
7. Equipment tools: hot melt machine, spraying machine, scraping plate, rolling materials, etc.
8. End coating each construction 1mm thick, spraying reference dosage of 1.3kg/m2 ~ 1.4kg/m2.

Package, storage, and transportation:
1. When transported, prevent rain, exposure, extrusion, collision, and keep the package intact.
2. Products should be stored in ventilated, dry, cool place and prevent direct sunlight.
3. Storage temperature should not be higher than 40°C.
4. The storage period is 12 months under normal storage and transportation conditions;
5. Packing specifications: 20kg/pail.

Technical Index:
Standard: Q/GXQL 05-2016
The experimental project Technical indicators
Density ≥ 180°C
Solid content ≥ 98%
Cohesiveness Dry base 100% cohesive failure
Wet base
Elongation ≥ 15mm
Low temperature flexible -20°C, no rupture

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