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CQ108- K11 Polymer Cement Waterproof Coating

CQ108 is a two components waterproof material which key raw materials is organic liquid and inorganic powder made from the advanced Germany technology

Product Features:
1. It can be used to make decorative layer, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used for water proofing of the food pool.
2. It is suitable for the waterproof of the exterior wall and inclined roof of the decorative material, which can be firmly bonded to the outer layers of the base surface, roof tile and cement mortar.
3. High temperature, especially suitable for road and bridge waterproof; Adjust mix ratio, can make sea ling material.

Industrial buildings of roof, kitchen, wall, basement, swimming pool, tank, etc.

1. The base surface requires flat, strong, clean and no water.
2. Exact ingredients: when used, only the powder will be added slowly to the corresponding mixture, and the mixture should be fully stirred to the uniform and fine without the pellets, and the liquid material: powder = 6:19.
3. Coating main point: To be covered by roller or brush, and to be completed according to the selected work order; If the paint (especially the base material) has a precipitate, it should be stirred immediately and evenly. The coating is as uniform as possible and cannot be deposited locally.
4. The time between each layer of the brush between each layer is dry solid.
5. Reference dosage: 1.5kg/m squared~ 2.0kg/m squared (1.0mm thickness).

Package, storage and transportation:
1. liquid should be stored in the shade above 5°C, powder should be stored in a dry place, pay attention to moisture, sun protection;
2. The product liquid and powder are sealed in plastic bins with plastic bags;
3. Product packaging specifications: 5kg/barrel, 20kg/pail;
4. The indoor storage is valid for 9 months.

1. Do not below 5 °C or construction in the rain, don't in the moist air circulation environment construction;
2. Not applicable to large or vibrating parts.

Technical Index:
Standard: JC/T2090-2011
The experimental project Technical indicators
Permeability pressure ≥ 0.5 MPa
The compressive strength 12.0 MPa
Bond strength (non-treatment) ≥ 0.7MPa

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