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CQ101- HG203 Waterproof Seal Coating

WPU Waterproof Coating is a single components water-curing polyurethane seal coating, made from imported raw materials and produced by US technology, Excellent performance and 100% environmentally friendly, can used for drinking water projects

Product Features:
1. Curing with 20% water (by weight].
2. 100% environmentally friendly, non-solvent content, non-toxic and odorless, applicable for drinking water system.
3. 100% Solid Content, normal coverage of 1 mm thick film is approximately 1kg per sq. meter.
4. Excellent abrasion resistance and high elasticity, durable, wide temperature, Chemical ageing and fire resistance.
5. Other material such as sand or rubber powder can be mixed with the coat for special property.
6. Easy maintenance, time saving and cost-effective.

1. Metros, tunnels, brides and other substructure.
2. Various types of roofs, canopies and gutters, etc.
3. Indoor flooring, washroom, kitchen, bathroom, garden, flower bed, hot spring tank, swimming pool, sewage disposal plant, tap water cistern, marine site and refrigeration storage house flooring.
4. Treatment to roofs in corrosive environment such as chemical plant, iron and steel works, and power plant. Anti-corrosive treatment to chemical reaction tank, thermal insulation retardation and anti-corrosive treatment to pipe lines and ducts.
5. Crack repairing, filler and sealant to expansion dilatation joint, dividing joint, pile foundation and through-wall bushing.

1. The substrate surface must be thoroughly clean, dry and firm. Repair the crack if there is, structure edge angle has to be made round.
2. Stir well and make sure no sediment in the bottom, then mix the coat with 20% (weight).
3. Coating can be finished once on flat surface, in case of running coating in slope surface, apply a thin coat first on the slope, leave the coating in the container 5 to 10 minutes to cure, and then apply the slimy coating on the surface.
4. The coating must be applied over 0 °C centigrade.
5. The second coat can be applied at least 24 hours depending on humidity and temperature when the coat is not sticky to step on.
6. Application rate: 1.5 to 2 Kilogram per square meter with a film of 15~2mm thick.

Package, Storage and Transportation:
1. The product shall be delivered in their original, tightly sealed containers or unopened packages, all clearly labeled with the manufacturers name, file number and lot numbers.
2. The product shall be stored out of the weather in their original tightly sealed containers or unopened packages. The storage life is 12 months.
3. Package: 1Kg pail, 5Kg pail, 20Kg pail.

1. Once opened, use up within one or two days, the mixture cannot be stored and reused, tools and containers should be cleaned with special detergent after application.
2. It Is normal that there may be sediment in the bottom after a period of storage. Do stir the coat well when application.

Technical Index:
Standard: GB/T 19250-2013
Test item Index
Solid content (%) ≥ 92
Touch dry time (h) ≤ 12
Hard dry time (h) ≤ 24
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥ 2
Elongation at break (%) ≥ 500

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