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QL-Crack Cover Tap

QL- Crack Cover Tap is made up of imported raw materials It is mainly for deformation joints such as expansion joints and settlement joints This high-performance waterproof material is developed by special technology and it belongs to the latest patented product developed by Qinglong

1. Advantages:
1. High tensile strength and tear-resistance.
2. The excellent extensibility of the product can solve the waterproof problems of various expansion joints, deformation joints, settlement joints and adapt to the foundation deformation.
3. Excellent resistance to acid and alkali, weather-ability and high-and-low-temperature resistant.
4. Simplicity for operator, non-toxic, non-polluting, safe and environment-friendly products.

2. Application range:
1. Various forms of expansion joints, settlement joints and deformation joints waterproof.
2. Dynamic micro cracked.
3. Empty paving is required for large deformation.

3. Application Methods:
1. Cleaning: Remove impurities on the cracked surface to ensure that it is firm, clean, dry and free of oil.
2. Applying: Apply a layer of adhesive on both sides of the cracked to reinforce the concrete structure and bond the product’s strength to the surface.
3. Cutting: Cut the tape according to the length of the crack or gap.
4. Taping: Apply a layer of adhesive on both sides of the gap from the mesh cloth part. Spread the paste, and then apply a layer of adhesive 5cm wider than the QL-Crack Cover Tap, sealed and bond it.
4. Technical Specifications
Standard: Q/GXQL 08-2018
Experimental Project
Technical Requirement
Tensile strength

≥ 2.0

Elongation at Break
断裂伸长率 (%)

≥ 510

Tensile strength at break

≥ 15

5. Packaging and Transportation
1. Specification: width 30cm*length 2.5m/roll, width 15cm*length 2.5m/roll.
2. Sealed package, storage temperature from 5°C to 40°C in a dry and cool place, separate different types of products, fire prohibited, avoid exposed to the sun and rain, avoid collision, keep ventilated.
3. Shelf life: 12 months
4. Date of manufacture: See packaging
5. Comes with a roll of QL-Crack Cover Tap, special adhesive, brush and interleaving paper.

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