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QL-K11 Waterproof Slurry

Water-based environment protectionExcellent bonding and Waterproof performanceAdvantages:1 It can be used as a decor

Water-based environment protection
Excellent bonding and Waterproof performance

1. It can be used as a decorative layer after adding pigment; non-toxic and odorless; and can be used for waterproofing of food pools.
2. It is suitable for waterproofing of exterior walls with decorative materials and inclined roofs; and can be firmly bonded with various outer materials such as base surface, roofing tile and cement mortar.
3. It has strong high-temperature resistance, thus being especially suitable for road and bridge waterproofing; and can be used for making sealing materials after adjusting the mix ratio.

Application Range
Waterproofing of roofing, kitchen and bathroom, wall, basement, swimming pool and tank of industrial and civil constructions.

Application Method

Construction Essentials
1. The base surface is required to be flat, firm, clean and free of water.
2. Accurate mix proportion: When using, just add the powder slowly to the corresponding proportion of liquid material, and stir well to a fine and smooth mixture without agglomerates.
3. Coating essentials:
a. Coating it layer by layer with rollers or brushes according to the selected method.
b. If the painting especially the base material is precipitated, mix it immediately.
c. The coating should be as uniform as possible and have no local deposition.
d. The interval between the layers of coating is determined by the solidness and dryness of the first layer.
e. Reference dosage: 2kg/m2

Packaging and Transportation
1. The liquid material should be stored in a cool place above 5C. the powder material should be stored in a dry place, avoiding moisture and sun.
2. The liquid and powder materials of this product are sealed in plastic barrels with plastic bags.
3. Products packaging specifications are: 20kg/barrel.
4. Valid for 9 months if stored in the indoor temperature.

1. Do not use below 5 Celsius or in the rain; do not use in a humid airless environment.
2. Not suitable for areas with large deformation or vibration.

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