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QL- Silicone-based Waterproof Repellents (Solvent Type)

QL- Silicone-based Waterproof Repellents (Solvent Type) is a colourless, transparent, solvent-based protective agent It can form a long-lasting protective layer on the surface of a stone, preventing water and pollutant from penetrating into it It has excellent acid and alkali resistance, thus can effectively prevent water stains, various chemical reactions such as salt fractionation, efflorescence (flower out) and yellowing

Product Features:
1. Colourless and transparent, good penetration depth;
2. Excellent resistance to alkali, non-sticky to hand after curing;
3. An effective strategy for lubricating the substrate;
4. It produces hydrophobic effect rapidly;
5.  It will not block the capillary pores of the substrate or obstruct it from “breathing”.

Application Range:
1. Applicable to all kinds of concrete, mineral plasters, cement fibre boards, sand - lime brick masonries, aerated concretes, mineral-based natural stones and artificial stones, inorganic coating;
2. Waterproofing and protection of all kinds of concrete, ceramic tiles, paints, exterior wall coatings, GRC and other cement products.

Application Methods:
1. The base for spraying must be firm, clean and free of dust. Small pores, sand holes and cracks must be fixed and smoothened beforehand;
2. Apply the protective agent to the base surface with a spray or brush. Before the first coating is completely dried, spray or brush the product again (wet-on-wet spraying method). It is recommended to apply the agent for more than two times to achieve the desired effect;
3. The waterproofing agent that accumulates on the base or ceramic tile surface should be cleaned with a dry cloth or sponge immediately;
4. The quality used for spraying twice: 0.1kg~0.2kg/㎡, the actual quality used depends on the compactness of the base material.

Recommended Tools:
Brush, spatula, float trowel, electronic mixer, mixing bucket

Packaging and transportation:
1. This product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-dangerous. It can be transported as per normal goods, avoid compression during transportation, keep the packaging intact and avoid exposure to sunlight and cold temperature;
2. The product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, and the storage temperature should be at 5 ̊C~30 ̊C;
3. Under normal transportation and storage conditions, the shelf life of the unopened product is 6 months;
4. Packaging: 0.5L/can

1. The preferable temperature of the construction environment is at 5 ̊C~35 ̊C;
2. Ensure that the base surface is dry and free of water before spraying;
3. Stop the application if encountered with rain, and ensure the work area is well-protected;

Technical Indicators:

Experimental Project
Technical Specifications
固含量 (%)
Solid Content
PH 值
PH Value
Water Absorption Ratio

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