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QL- Plugging Leakage Coating (Grouting Type)

QL- Plugging Leakage Coating (Grouting Type) is a single-component waterproof polymer designed for grouting and plugging It is a transparent liquid in light yellow or amber colour It can self-emulsify and turn into solid state when in contact with water

Product Features:
1. Excellent waterproofing and plugging; easy to use; instant results.
2. After emulsifying and polymerizing in water, it has good elongation, elasticity, impermeability, and low-temperature resistance.
3. After curing, it can continue to expand in water and further play a sealing role.
4. The induction time for the polymerization to solidify can be adjusted.

Application Range:
1. Suitable for construction joints, settlement joints, deformation joints, overlap positions of old and new beams and various concrete cracks.
2. Suitable for grouting and leak stoppage of pools, water towers, basements and other buildings.

Application Methods:
1. Clean the base surface and bury sealing needle every 10-30cm.
2. Connect the grouting pump and pipe to start grouting. The pressure of the grouting shall base on the width of cracks, grouting volume and engineering structure. The grouting sequence is generally from bottom to top, from deep to shallow.
3. When the grouting is completed, take the needle out and fill the hole with sealing compound.

Recommended Tools:
Brush, spatula, float trowel, electronic mixer, mixing bucket.

Packaging and transportation:
1. This product is non-flammable and non-dangerous, thus it can be transported safely.
2. This product shall be stored in a dry and cool warehouse, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and in contact with flame.
3. Strictly avoid contact with water and moisture. It has a 12-month shelf life,
4. The package includes: 5kg/set.

1. Construction personnel should wear protective gear, and be careful during grouting to prevent slurry from splashing into eyes.
2. Wash the equipment with acetone in time after completion of construction.
3. The construction site must be ventilated and smoking is prohibited.

Technical Indicators:
Experimental Project
Technical Specifications
密度 (g/cm3)
≥1.0 ≥1.05
黏度 (ª/mPa-s)
1.0 x 103
凝胶时间 (ª/s)
Get forming time
150 -
凝固时间 (ª/s)
Curing time
- 800
遇水膨胀 (%)
Expand when in contact with water
≥20 -
包水性, 10倍水 (s)
Waterborne, ten times water
200 -
不挥发物含量 (%)
≥75 ≥78
发泡率 (%)
Foaming Rate
≥350 ≥1000
抗压强度 (b/MPa)
Compressive Strength
- ≥6
注: a也可根据供需双方商定;b 有加固要求时检测
Note: a can also be agreed upon between the supplier and the buyer.
b check when there is a need for reinforcement.

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