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      Do You Know The Roof Also Need Some Love?

      When thinking of renovation, people often associate it with the interior of the house, whether its a new door or a collection of furniture that adds to the living space. The exterior of the house is often overlooked, especially the roof, which provide...

      2021-05-11 10:49

      Wainscoting Returns As A Popular Interior Design Trend

      (image source from Star Property) Wainscoting may sound peculiar but merely refers to panelling, typically made of wood, that lines the interior walls of a home. Homeowners seeking to add a touch of luxury and elegance to a living space increasingly t...

      2021-05-11 10:37

      2021- A Special Year Of Heart-Warming Mother's Day By QINGLONG

      Happy Mothers Day 2021: Mother is the first teacher and friend of her child. She is the one who is endowed with all the power. No creature in this world can be as powerful as a mother!! She goes through unimaginable pain to give us the gift of life an...

      2021-05-10 13:04

      The Waterproofing Material That Are Most Commonly Used and Seen

      One of the most important applications in a construction is waterproofing. Waterproofing improves the durability of many different surfaces in construction. In addition, waterproofing materials should be applied in order to ensure the comfort of the h...

      2021-05-04 15:10

      CIDB: Price Change Terms Be Developed For Govt Projects

      The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) KUALA LUMPUR, May 3 The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), Malaysia is recommending a variation of price (VOP) clause be included for government projects to reduce the burden of contracto...

      2021-05-04 14:58

      [Sabahan & Sarawakian] Looking Here - May I Have Your Attention Please!

      Feel Like want to start and grow your business? In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Malaysian government reviewed the implemented measures, i.e. Movement Control Order (MCO), based on the countrys pandemic situation from time to time. Malaysias ...

      2021-05-04 14:47

      Yes, Fixing A Bathroom Leak Can Be Done Without Removing Tiles!

      Most Common Facing: ⚠️Have a neighbour complaining about your toilet or bathroom leaking water to their ceiling? ⚠️ Water is not running off your building fast and there is water ponding. ⚠️Have yellowish patches of peeling paint works o...

      2021-04-29 15:58

      Congrats QINGLONG! Top 20 China Building Waterproof Technology Innovation

      Congratulations to QINGLONG company standing out from 121 enterprises and awarded the Top 20 China Building Waterproof Technology Innovation in the 3 rd China Building Waterproof Technology Innovation Conference on 26 th April 2021. This is the second...

      2021-04-28 15:50

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