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      Utility Tunnel Waterproofing Project by QINGLONG

      A utility tunnel, utility corridor, or utilidor is a passage built underground or above ground to carry utility lines such as electricity, steam, water supply pipes, and sewer pipes. #PIC 1 #PIC 2 #PIC 3 #PIC 4 #PIC 5 #PIC 6 #PIC 7 For more details, y...

      2021-10-19 15:36

      Canton Fair 2021 to be Held 15-19th October 2021

      With the theme of driving dual circulation, the #130thCantonFair will be held from Oct 15 19 in an online-offline merged format. As a vital step to promote trade in the face of COVID-19, the 130th Canton Fair will showcase 16 product categories across...

      2021-10-15 10:56

      130th Canton Fair Unveils Mascots "Haobao Bee" and "Haoni Honey"

      The worlds largest trade fair, the #CantonFair On October 9, the #CantonFair mascot press conference was held in Canton Fair Media Centre. Mr. Chu Shijia, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Canton Fair, Director General of China Foreign Trade...

      2021-10-15 10:03

      In 1 Day, the 130th Canton Fair will Officially Begin!

      The #130thCantonFair will kick off tomorrow! There will be around 60,000 booths at the online Fair and 7,500 enterprises at the offline Fair. The #130thCantonFair will be held between October 15th and 19th in an #online and #offline merged format. Do you know the four Firsts of the 130th Canton Fair? ✅ Held both online and offline. ✅ Themed promoting domestic and international circulations. ✅ The national-level Pearl River International Trade Forum. ✅ Set up Rural Vitalization zone at th...

      2021-10-14 17:16

      Investigation Into SOHO China Tender Offer Still in Progress

      A SOHO China office building in Beijing. [Photo/SOHO China] Hong Kong-listed property developer SOHO China gave an update on the progress of the companys tender offer on Monday, announcing the offeror has provided further documents and materials in ac...

      2021-10-12 14:21

      Mission Completed | Singapore Environment Council (SEC) for Green Label

      Congratulations to QINGLONG BUILDING SUPPLIES SDN BHD was recognized by Singapore Environment Council (SEC) for Green Label . Who We Are? ✅ 24 years focus on waterproofing and Top-10 waterproof brand. ✅ The first provides a 30-years warranty of @w...

      2021-10-12 13:59

      [Country Garden News] - Poor Performance and Employment Downsizing to One-Third of Employees!

      (image from enanyang and online source) Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the sales of real estate Forest City in Johor have fallen to a low point in the past 18 months. Country Garden Holdings has reduced the original 1,700 Malaysian employees in 20...

      2021-10-07 14:10

      [Congrats] QINGLONG Has Won The GRC Project by RMB 100 Million!

      Chanying Global 100 Fantasy Park (Chinese: 长影环球 100 奇幻乐园 ), also known as Changying Wonderland, is an under-construction amusement park in Haikou, Hainan, China. Recently, QINGLONG company won the GRC project by RMB100 million. Winning...

      2021-10-07 13:44

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