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Don't Renovate That New Home Just Yet


Congratulations to those people whose bought a new home. It may be your first, or one of your real estate portfolios. Home buyers usually renovate and decorate the house after obtaining the key. This may be related to expansion, remodelling or other forms of improvement projects.

However, please cautions that if new buyers who refurbish as they will regret their decision. Thus, it is not cheap to reverse the process or redecorate.

Buying a house will definitely have a huge impact on your life, even if your financial situation is not good.  Depending on its scale, house renovation may be another large and stressful project, requiring all decisions to be made and handled by the contractor.

Understandably, some buyers want to quickly enter the renovation stage because they do not want to live in the construction area at the same time or do not want to pay the rent and mortgage.

Although this may make financial sense to some extent, you should have a long-term renovation plan for your home.

Everyone has an ideal vision for what they want their house to look like. However, your dream home today may not be the dream home you envision tomorrow. You may wish to have a private library in the corner of the house, but only later discovered that that particular location was exposed to direct sunlight.

Before you live there, it is difficult to know exactly how to use your house. Perhaps, you may stay here for six months to a year, and then implement a plan.

Let the family talk to you. Ultimately, it is daily experience that will provide the basis for your house renovation decisions, not those early ideas inspired by emotions.

Once you have a clear understanding of what you need, you can begin the planning phase. Everyone has a dream home, but now it is time for us to root in reality. Therefore, you must have a budget to ensure that you do not exceed your limits and cause financial difficulties.

Regardless of the size, it should be carefully refurbished. This means talking to architects, designers, and contractors to gain their understanding of your ideas and choices, which is a time-consuming process. Listen to their suggestions, because they may suggest some cheap suggestions or discover opportunities to achieve their goals.

Farewell notes Never rush for renovation works. Long-term refurbishment is not something we need to do immediately, because it requires careful planning and prior consideration so as not to regret it later.

By Viktor Chong