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Good News to Malaysian Who Are Working at Singapore


The Singapore minister prefer baby steps (step-by-step) to reopening of border with Malaysia, against ‘no-holds-barred’ approach. This should include measures such as Covid-19 tests and contact tracing, speaking to Channel News Asia (CNA).

“I do not see it possible to have a big bang complete, no holds barred, no restrictions, no tests (approach) ― I think that would be unwise, said Dr Balakrishnan told the Singapore-based broadcaster.
Reopening border with Malaysia: Singapore
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"But we can open up in steps, and must have the appropriate measures to test people, contact trace people because when you open up, your risk will increase."
On June 19, our Malaysian government had agreed in principle to let Singaporeans and Bruneians enter the country borders without having to apply for approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department or to undergo Covid-19 screening and home quarantine.

“We need to protect the public health of both Singapore and Malaysia, and we need to understand that the world’s busiest land crossing is between Johor and Singapore ... so we have to work out a lot of details,” said Dr Balakrishnan.

On Monday, the Health Ministry announced that discussions with six countries (Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.) identified as “green zones” that Malaysia may open its borders to are in the preliminary stages.

Health Ministry director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that any agreement between the countries must be “mutual and reciprocal”.
Source from the EdgeProp