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Building Waterproof Industry Future Development Consensus (2016-2020)


We are now in the new era and the industry is undergoing tremendous changes. The traditional economy is undergoing challenges. We must create a new world of waterproofing industry with new ways of thinking.
1. Fully implement the national industrial policy, adjust the industry structure and integrate optimization, meet the needs of the national construction engineering market and the people's growing demand for quality life; tap the new kinetic energy to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.
● During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the average annual growth rate of major waterproof materials production was above 6%, maintaining the industry's stable, healthy and sustained growth.
● Adjust the industrial structure, optimize the stock market, guide large enterprises to become bigger and stronger, explore the development strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises, take the differentiated development path of improving quality and efficiency, and pursuing specialization and specialization, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the market.
● Introduce social capital, promote industry integration and optimization, encourage mergers and acquisitions, and increase market concentration. At the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan", 20 large-scale waterproof enterprise groups were cultivated and 100 large-scale manufacturing enterprises were cultivated. Several enterprises with annual sales income exceeding 10 billion yuan emerged in the industry, and 20 enterprises with annual sales income exceeding 2 billion yuan reached 20 Above; the top 50 companies in the industry have a market share of 50%.
● Continuously develop waterproof markets in the areas of sponge city, marine engineering, underground integrated pipe gallery, fabricated buildings, green buildings and existing roof renovation, and promote the continuous growth of the industry.
● Eliminate outdated products, backward technology, backward technology and backward equipment.
2. Adhere to the innovation drive to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, manufacturing and service industries simultaneously, explore the new mechanism of waterproof engineering general contracting and engineering quality assurance insurance.
● Encourage enterprises to increase investment in research and development, improve their independent innovation capabilities, explore the establishment of industry science and technology development funds, increase basic research, strengthen technological equipment innovation, and enhance industry intellectual property awareness.
● Promote the transformation of enterprises from material suppliers to system service providers.
● Promote the establishment of a waterproof engineering quality assurance insurance system.
● Explore the implementation of the general contracting system for roofing engineering, research and promote roofing system engineering technology.
● Cultivate 10,000 roofing contractors or waterproof engineering contractors with legal person status and construction qualifications to become the main body of the engineering market terminal. Encourage the formation of waterproof professional labor dispatch companies.
3. Guided by the evaluation of green building materials, promote clean production, optimize product structure, and open up all-factor development paths such as green products, green factories, green parks, and green supply chains to meet the needs of green buildings.
● Develop and implement standards, evaluation methods and certifications for green production, green products, and green applications.
● Eliminate high-pollution, high-energy production processes and production equipment; limit the use of hazardous materials such as waste rubber powder and waste engine oil in modified asphalt waterproofing membranes.
● Vigorously develop waterproof sealing materials with reliable function, durability, energy saving and environmental protection. Encourage the development of waterproofing systems with composite functions, and develop green functional materials and systems such as planting roofs, heat reflecting roofs and ventilation roofs to meet the needs of green buildings.
4. Promote the integration of the two industries, continuously improve labor productivity, and build a whole industry chain platform for raw material supply, product manufacturing, design, construction and application.
● Promote industrial informationization, industrial integration, application of Internet technology, and actively explore the implementation of intelligent production, intelligent logistics, mechanized construction and e-commerce, and improve labor productivity in the industry.
● Encourage enterprises to cooperate strategically with large raw material suppliers, stabilize the quality and channels of raw materials, improve production processes and improve product quality; encourage enterprises to cooperate with architectural design agencies to improve the level of waterproof engineering design; encourage enterprises and large real estate developers and construction projects The general contractor's strategic cooperation promotes the improvement of the quality of waterproofing projects; attaches importance to the development and production of supporting materials, and promotes the systematic application of products.
5. To construct a social co-governance mechanism of “government-led, enterprise-oriented, industry self-discipline, and social supervision”, and use quality improvement, standardization and other means to create a fair competitive market environment and optimize the industry ecology.
● Adhere to the construction waterproofing coil production license system, adhere to the government's tightening supervision on certified enterprises, continue to cooperate with government market access, post-certification supervision, comparison test and quality inspection, and cooperate with the government to increase waterproofing. Engineering quality supervision and inspection efforts.
● Promote the construction of industry standardization system, initially establish a standard system to adapt to the development of the industry, actively carry out the formulation of group standards, encourage enterprises to implement self-declaration of corporate standards, and continuously promote the internationalization of domestic standards.
● Improve the self-discipline mechanism of the industry, actively accept social supervision, and consciously regulate corporate business behavior; encourage enterprises to actively participate in industry construction, improve the quality and safety awareness of enterprises, and practice corporate social responsibility.
● Standardize and develop industry social organizations and intermediaries, strengthen the leadership, service, coordination, and communication functions of various social organizations, and play the role of alliance demonstration and media supervision.
6. Establish a multi-level talent training system and explore the professionalization system of waterproof workers.
● Promote the development of academic education and vocational education, improve the registered trainer system, carry out the training of registered architects, establish a multi-level talent training system, and strengthen the construction of industry experts.
● Gradually carry out the professional construction of waterproof workers, strengthen the construction of industry skills training bases, training materials, training teachers, etc., focus on basic vocational skills training, and promote the establishment of 1-2 waterproof vocational vocational training schools and 30 The number of registered trainers in the enterprise vocational skills training base increased by more than 25%.
● Expand the field and scale of the professional skills competition for waterproof workers, and improve the professional skills of practitioners; actively participate in and apply for the international professional skills competition for roofing workers, and draw on international advanced construction technology.
7. Facing the forefront of the world's science and technology, vigorously carry out international exchanges, accelerate the pace of internationalization of the industry; practice the “Belt and Road” strategy and vigorously explore the international market.
● Actively participate in the activities of various international organizations, conduct international technical exchanges and cooperation, organize and participate in international technology forums and exhibitions.
● Enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises, shape internationally renowned brands, encourage the export of production capacity overseas, and expand international trade channels; acquire and merge some foreign companies with high-end technologies, markets and brands to expand their overseas market share.