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Yes, Fixing A Bathroom Leak Can Be Done Without Removing Tiles!

Published:2021-04-29 15:58

Most Common Facing:
⚠️ Have a neighbour complaining about your toilet or bathroom leaking water to their ceiling?
⚠️ Water is not running off your building fast and there is water ponding.
⚠️ Have yellowish patches of peeling paint works on your walls?
⚠️ Is your bathroom’s waterproofing still sound?
Signs of a water leak
⭕ Mouldy silicone
⭕ The odour of damp or mildew
⭕ Damp water marks in tiles
⭕ Missing grout in tiled surfaces
⭕ Damp carpet
⭕ Stained downstairs ceiling (under the room where the leak is)
Don’t fancy pulling up the whole bathroom to fix it? Then take a look at the steps in this article to repair a leaking shower without removing tiles.
QL- NO.3 Transparent Waterproof Coating
QL-No 3 Transparent Waterproof Coating is a colourless, transparent, weather, environmental-friendly and water-resistant product. It is made up of a new type of high molecular weight polymers with a variety of variety of auxiliary agents from the curing agent.
QL- NO.3 Transparent Waterproof Coating

(QL- NO.3 Transparent Waterproof Coating)
Features of QL-NO.3:
✅ Transparent and Colourless
✅ No need smashing brick/tiles
✅ Good strength and extensibility
✅ Resistant to high and low temperature
✅ Ease of use, can directly spray, paint, and brush
Application Ranges:
✅ Ponds/Pools tiles
✅ Ceramic tiles
✅ Bathroom tiles
✅ Balcony tiles
✅ Windowsill tiles
Application Methods:
Base Surface Preparation:
1. For tiles, use a rag or gauze to repeatedly polish the surface of the tile with talcum powder or cement. After polishing, clean the dust and oil off the surface of the tile.

2. After cleaning, the base surface must be kept dry before applying QL-No. 3.
Brushing QL-No. 3:
1. Mix the components A and the components B of QL No. 3, using a ratio of 1:1 in terms of weight.

2. After completing the application, make sure that the room is well-ventilated. The sections which are not in long-term contact with water can be used as per normal after 12 hours. The sections which are in long-term contact with water can be conserve as per normal 7 days to achieve the best results.

3. For toilets, pools and places which are always in contact with water, waterproof the vertical surface first, and the height of the coat must reach 1.5meters.
**The reference consumption is 0.1kg/m2 (thickness is 0.1mm).

4. Thereafter, paint the horizontal surface.
**The reference consumption is 0.2kg/m2 (thickness is 0.2mm).

5. For the sections which are not in long-term contact with water such as balconies, apply the product directly on the gap between the tiles.
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QL- NO.3 Transparent Waterproof Coating

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