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Part II- Waterproofing Material Chosen: Did You Have Make These Mistakes in Waterproofing Procedures?

Published:2021-02-02 13:35

Continue to the Part I of common problems in waterproofing projects, here were several of how to choose the waterproof material depends on some factors.
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Second: How to choose the waterproofing material?

1. Must good quality in waterproofing materials
- The waterproof material should be impermeable to high temperature and natural aging. In addition, there is construction operability, which means that it is simple and convenient, and has better waterproof performance than other waterproof materials.
2. The coating performance should be fully utilized
- Different waterproof coatings have their own strengths and weaknesses.
3. Seriously to the operability of construction
- Some waterproof materials have good quality, but they are difficult to apply. Such as anti-adhesive waterproofing membrane, it is difficult to seal the joints, and powdery materials are difficult to spread evenly.
4. Good adaptability to building parts
- Different types of waterproof coatings have different adaptability to different building parts. Waterproofing membrane material is used to pave a large area of waterproof parts, which is quick to construct and easy to ensure quality.

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