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Did You Have Faced The Swimming Pools/ Ponds Leaking Problem?

Published:2021-01-23 11:34

Mostly apartment/condo or some house owner has built the small swimming pool or fish ponds. But they face the leaking problem after half year or the previous waterproof layer has damaged. No matter how beautiful/luxurious you decorate the pool and how expensive it is, you must take it serious on pools waterproof. Therefore, what is the construction process of pool waterproofing? Let's learn about it with Qinglong Waterproof.
qinglong waterproofing
Firstly: Selection of Swimming Pool Waterproof Material
Unlike kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, etc., swimming pools are immersed in water all year round, and during the process of water storage and drainage, the structure will be deformed and affected by alternating cold and heat, which has extremely high requirements for waterproofing.

The swimming pool’s waterproof layer must have excellent water resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance. It should also have strong rigidity and flexibility to resist the impact of water pressure and the deformation and cracking of the base layer.

Strengthening the concrete stucco layer to restrain the surface waterproofing, and the structural backwater control sand slurry is the main self-waterproofing, which is the fundamental way out of the predicament of the underground waterproofing project. Then paint the surface waterproof material. The surface waterproof paint can apply with
CQ101- HG203 Waterproof Seal Coating. This product has very good resistance and is one of the waterproof materials suitable for swimming pools.
Secondly: Construction Method
1. The substrate surface must be thoroughly clean, dry and firm. Repair the crack if there is, structure edge angle has to be made round.

2. Stir well and make sure no sediment in the bottom, then mix the coat with 20% (weight).

3. Coating can be finished once on flat surface, in case of running coating in slope surface, apply a thin coat first on the slope, leave the coating in the container 5 to 10 minutes to cure, and then apply the slimy coating on the surface.

4. The coating must be applied over 0 °C centigrade.

5. The second coat can be applied at least 24 hours depending on humidity and temperature when the coat is not sticky to step on.

6. Application rate: 1.5 to 2 Kilogram per square meter with a film of 15~2mm thick.

CQ101- HG203 Waterproof Seal Coating