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What To Do If Your Wall Leaking? Here Are The Methods Without Destroying the Exterior Wall!


When the wall leaking, especially the exterior wall, it is a headache, especially for the parents and the owners those who are live in the house corners or high-rise buildings. It is very difficult to fix the leaking problems for them. So, how we can fix the problem and use with an easy way? Here are some factors that you may need to know and methods that can solve your problems.
Firstly, Leakage of external wall brickwork.
In the construction of external wall bricklaying, due to the lack of skills of the construction personnel or insufficient mortar between the bricks and other reasons, the masonry will be cracked and water leakage will occur. The scaffold eye is not properly blocked as required, leaving a water seepage channel, and when the exterior wall decoration surface has hollows or cracks, therefore, rainwater will enters the plaster layer from the gap and penetrates into the inner wall.
Secondly, Leakage caused by wall decoration construction
Generally, it is because workers do not perform construction according to design requirements and construction specifications; poor quality of wall masonry; improper treatment of exterior wall openings; quality of exterior wall plastering or pasting bricks does not meet the requirements, and aluminium or plastic steel window frames are not connected to the wall firm.
There are the 2 factors which will cause the wall leaking. Now, here are the project case by Qinglong company that without destroying or damage the exterior wall during the waterproof construction.
Qinglong Exterior Wall Transparent Waterproof Coating

1. Leakage analysis:
Firstly, we found that the previous technician are not doing the waterproofing construction as well and properly; the brick joints were not full of mortar, which resulted in the difference between the enclosure wall of the frame structure and the bottom of the frame beam. The settlement of the masonry occurred between them, which led to the generation of gaps, which resulted in water leakage.
Qinglong Exterior Wall Transparent Waterproof Coating

2. Leakage Methods:
A) Exterior wall treatment: Firstly, clean the exterior wall, then moisten the exterior wall with water. After that, apply
Qinglong Exterior Wall Transparent Waterproof Coating. This product has oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and the coating has good film forming, soft, tough, colourless, transparent, and most importantly will not damage the original wall decoration effect after coating.

B) Interior wall treatment: First scrape off the mouldy putty, then spray the
Qinglong Concrete No.1 on the concrete surface. Thus, brush the Qinglong Concrete No.2, and restore it with using the Qinglong Waterproof Putty in the last.

Qinglong Concrete No.1?
1. It is especially suitable for slow permeability maintenance of the surfaces not in contact with water. It can be directly sprayed on wet base surfaces.
2. It has high permeability and is modified to improve the strength, compactness and weathering resistance of concrete.
3. Permanent crystallization reaction with the free base in concrete, no rebound, long-lasting and effective.
4. After spraying
QL-Concrete No.1 on the new concrete, it can effectively prevent early water loss, partial drying and cracking.
Qinglong Concrete No.1