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What If Your Roof's Skylight Leaking?


Many factories or large storage buildings are designed with skylights on the roofs, which not only facilitate lighting, but also increase ventilation. However, due to the difference in thermal expansion and contraction of different materials, sloppy construction or late maintenance, many roof skylights often have leakage problems, causing certain economic losses to users or frequent users.

Roof skylights are now being used more and more widely, and they are generally recognized whether they are practical or ornamental. But how to make waterproof repairs when there is a leak in the sunroof? Next, let's introduce the solution to the skylight leakage with the example of roof skylight leakage in large buildings.

Case Introduction
1. Leaking repairs for roof skylights

Project overview
X Station is mainly responsible for the storage and turnover of grain, edible oil and product feed and the storage-scale is large. Therefore, it is not only necessary to keep the room dry for many years, but also to ventilate to ensure that the quality of food products is not affected. However, in recent years, due to the failure of building maintenance to keep up, leakage problems have occurred in a number of inclined roofs, skylights and lighting rooms, which have caused certain problems for the use of grain stations and grain and oil products.

Leaking Analysis
1. The sloping roof of the house is a wooden structure. The cement mortar on the upper part of the spire formed by the two sloping roofs has trachoma and cracks; the ceramic tiles are covered on the top, but the overlap between some tiles is not smooth, forming a gap. The tempered glass skylight and tiles There is a large gap between the lap joints, and the fixed steel nails at the lap joints are exposed, and there is no local reinforced waterproof treatment, thus forming a water leakage point. The leakage situation at the upper and lower junctions of the daylighting skylight is more serious, and the leakage situation on the left and right sides is slightly better!
2. During the construction of the skylight, due to the shape of the tiles, the overlap with the tempered glass is not dense, and the overlap length is not enough, resulting in large gaps and leaking points.


3. The cement mortar on the apex line formed by the two sloping roofs supporting each other is poorly coated, causing trachoma and cracks, causing leakage.

Proposal of a waterproof and leak-repair
1. Base surface cleaning. Clean up the gap between the glass and the tiles, and keep the construction site free of dust and water stains and no debris that affects the performance of the waterproof coating.

2. Use
QL-Everywhere In One Waterproof Coating to paint the top of the building where the two sloped roofs are connected as a whole, and strengthen the treatment of trachoma and cracks to ensure that the top can withstand long-term blisters and weather, and will not leak again.

3. Fill the lap joint between the skylight glass and the tile with a
Non-woven fabric soaked in QL-Everywhere In One Waterproof Coating, and the surface is smooth; the gap between the steel nails is painted with anti-rust paint, and then the whole is coated with a certain slope and extended to Tempered glass width.

4. Brush the
QL-Waterproof Sealant on the surface of the QL - FAST LEAKAGE FIX to form a waterproof layer.

5. After the
QL-Waterproof Sealant dries and solidifies into a film, QL-Easy Tape to extend and paste to form a protective layer.

Project Checking
After the completion of the waterproofing and leak repairing construction, the waterproofing of the construction site was fully checked and accepted, including the basic practice, materials, waterproof layer, protective layer, etc., were checked and accepted in detail, and finally the water spraying experiment was carried out, and they were all very satisfactory. effect.