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What Should You Need To Know About Downstream Waterproofing?


The home waterproofing decoration has become popular nowadays. The waterproof parts involve the upstream face and downstream face waterproofing, especially the downstream face waterproofing is particularly difficult to do. Normally we know the downstream face waterproofing is about the ceiling waterproofing.

The common downstream face waterproofing construction methods include injection (grouting) on the ceiling and painting of rigid waterproof coatings. So, how to do and what should be paid attention to downstream face waterproofing?

For the waterproof treatment of the downstream face waterproofing, it is recommended to use
Qinglong-K11 Waterproof Slurry with one or two layers, with a single layer thickness of 0.8mm-1mm. The second painting is recommended to be carried out after the first painting is slightly dry (just not sticky, the general interval is 1-2 hours). Criss-cross manner between coats brushing. If the coating has cured, moisten it with water before applying another layer.
Qinglong-K11 Waterproof Slurry

Notice when doing downstream face waterproofing
1. Base Surface Cleaning
Base surface treatment is the key part of waterproof construction. The base surface must be cleaned before construction to ensure that it is firm, flat, clean, free of dust, greasy, wax, mould release agent, etc. and other debris, such as pores, cracks and other defects. It must be repaired and smoothed with cement mortar in advance to keep the base surface moist and without clear water.

2. Notice When Applying
When brushing is evenly applied, be careful not to miss the brush; keep the vertical intersection angle when brushing twice before and after, so as to fully cover in place; single brushing should not be too thick, not more than 1mm as to prevent cracks after drying.

3. Maintenance and Protection
After 24 hours of construction, it is recommended to cover the coating with a damp cloth or spray water to maintain the coating. Notice with all the stepping, rainwater, exposure, and sharp damage must be prohibited before it is completely dried. Especially in the later decoration, pay special attention not to damage the waterproof layer.

4. Double Checking
Be careful during painting, and check carefully after painting. After the waterproof coating is cured, there should be no blisters, hollows, wrinkles, tires, peeling, etc.

5. Special attention
A. The prepared mixture must be used up within about 1 hour;
B. It is forbidden to continue adding water to the condensed waterproof slurry; please keep ventilated after the waterproof construction to make the waterproof layer dry;
C. When tiling tiles on the waterproof layer, pure cement paste is forbidden, and construction should be done according to the requirements of tile construction; it is recommended to use mortar glue;
D. The newly poured concrete should be allowed to dry before being waterproofed;
E. Avoid skin contact during construction. If you are not careful, rinse with clean water in time, and seek medical attention for eye contact.

Qinglong-K11 Waterproof Slurry