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There Have 90% People Who Do Not Know The Correct Ways Of Bathroom Waterproof!


There are many people may not understand the importance of bathroom waterproofing!
The wall will be infected with other parts of the room because of the dampness and mildew if the bathroom waterproof are not doing well. It will also caused the food may not placed for long time in house. It also has a certain influence on the air in the home. It is easy to breed bacteria in humid places. Finally, you will find that your family's immunity system is getting down, and the child is easy to illness and so on. Therefore, bathroom waterproofing is one of the most important aspects of decoration!


How to make the bathroom waterproof? 


1. Base surface must in good condition

Before the waterproof treatment, make sure to find the flat ground. If the ground is not flat, the waterproof effect may be greatly reduced, which will result in uneven thickness when the waterproof coating is applied. The ground may crack at any time!


2. Wall treatment can not be less

The wall surface must not have trachoma, and it should not be loose. If there is trachoma and looseness, the wall surface must be maintenance in time. The surface of the base layer must be smooth. The pipeline of the water pipe must be fixed firmly. After the back-filling, the pipe cannot be leaked. There are cracks, the root of the tube and the corner of the wall should be ground into a rounded corner!


3. The times of painting must in proper ways

The first time of painting: First of all, it is necessary to give the drainage pipe mouth, brushing at the corner, and painting from the inside to the outside. The method of painting should pay attention to the upper and lower brushing, brushing on the left and right, and must be serious when painting. Grasp the thickness and the thickness of the coating to compound the requirements of the waterproof products used. When painting, it must be extended to the ground 20 centimeters!

The second time of painting : When painting the second time waterproof coating, be sure to make sure that the first time the waterproof is completely dry and the film can be carried on, you can't worry, slow work, if the first time If the waterproof is not dry, the ephedrine will be waterproof for the second time, so the waterproof effect will be much worse! General professional waterproof masters will not do this!


4. The closed-water test is needed

The closed-water test is a self-inspection project. This link is resolute and indispensable. No one can guarantee that the project he is doing must be perfect. The most taboo is blind self-confidence, and the closed-water tets is a test of his own project. The normal height of closed water is 3 to 5cm, and the time of water shut-off is 24hr to 48hr. During this period of time, it is necessary to observe the leakage phenomenon with carefully. After confirm checking, then only can moving to the next step.


5. Waterproof protection must be reliable

After there is no problem in the closed-water test, before entering the construction, the ground must be waterproofed. The normal construction is protected by a thin layer of cement slurry, and the thickness is less than one centimeter!


Construction remedy

Waterproof construction is a very secret decoration project, so in the subsequent construction, must be not to damage the waterproof layer. If there is accidentally damaged the waterproof layer, it must be carefully remedied if the floor tile has been laid. In case, you must not directly smash the floor tiles. It is necessary to use professional patching materials to block all the gaps and perfect the waterproof layer. Of course, it is also suitable for the waterproof project after the failure of the bathroom waterproof layer! But this is a small probability now, so everyone must choose a professional team when choosing decoration, choose the best products, and do the best guarantee for their home! Qinglong is trustworthy for millions of users.