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If Cant't Understand The 5 Points About The Waterproof, 96% Of Waterproof Construction Must Be Reworked Twice!


In order to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by improper waterproofing, whether it is do it by yourself or ask a professional team to help, the following five key points, everyone must have a certain concept in their hearts, as the saying goes, "knowing ourselves and knowing each other", the truth is clear. It will never be out of date.

1. It is not allowed to rely on the developer to pass the waterproof inspection and acceptance, and the second waterproof must be done again.

  • Many construction parties nowadays generally use neoprene, modified asphalt, non-standard polyurethane and other materials, but have limited service life, which is not conducive to the defects of later maintenance.

  • Therefore, when we consider the renovation, we should make secondary waterproofing for the hydropower transformation and the addition of shower facilities, and do not damage the original waterproof protective layer. The additional layers of the wall root and the yin and yang corners must also be done.


    2. The waterproof system is comprehensive, can not only pick the pipeline, waterproof around the floor drain. 


    • Not only waterproofing of pipes and floor drains, but also other facilities such as toilets, floor walls (not less than 1.8 meters), kitchen and balcony floors, walls (not less than 0.3 meters) are required to be waterproof.

    • We are here to remind everyone that the waterproof is not only the pipeline, the leakage around the floor drain, but also the water penetrated by the ground and the gap between the tiles.


      3. The closed water test can not be perfunctory, and multiple layers of testing.

      • After the waterproof coating is completely dry, the water shut-off test is definitely inevitable. Generally speaking, the injection depth is 20mm, and the water level is not significantly reduced after 24-48 hours. It is judged that the waterproof is qualified if there is no leakage under the building. And after the last tile, you have to do a water shut-off test to detect if there is a hidden danger.


      4. Do not add water and other thickened or diluted materials to the waterproof coating.


      • When using waterproof coatings, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and do not modify them at will. If you add other materials by yourself, the proportion will be uncoordinated. For example, if too much water is added, the separation of liquid material and powder will occur, the powder will sink, and finally the paint will become bean curd residue, completely losing the waterproof effect.


        5. During the painting processing, it should be layered and painted to avoid the phenomenon that the coating and the base layer are not bonded or foamed.


        • Before brushing the paint, we must check whether the strength of the base layer is qualified, do it, do not sand, do not peel, do not loose, the base layer must be cleaned.