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      Utility Tunnel Waterproofing Project by QINGLONG

      A utility tunnel, utility corridor, or utilidor is a passage built underground or above ground to carry utility lines such as electricity, steam, water supply pipes, and sewer pipes. #PIC 1 #PIC 2 #PIC 3 #PIC 4 #PIC 5 #PIC 6 #PIC 7 For more details, y...

      2021-10-19 15:36

      15 Photos That Make You Want To Learn Construction Right Away

      Becoming a civil engineer is never easy. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 Article source from magazinrs For more details, you can refer to these links: Website Leave your message HERE : Shopee : Lazada :...

      2021-09-20 13:37

      Building An Infinity Pool – Swimming Pool Information!

      Below are pictures of the construction of an infinity pool with the size of the main swimming pool being. Remember that an infinity pool consists of two pools: the main pool and the buffer pool that draw water from the overflow. The following photogra...

      2021-09-20 11:52

      What Does House Waterproofing Mean and When Should It Be Done?

      (it must carefully during the renovation after waterproofing) Waterproofing prevents water from seeping into the surfaces of your home and causing major problems like mould growth and damage to your property. Everyone will ask when a home needs waterp...

      2021-08-24 14:36

      5 Signs Your House Needs Waterproofing

      Waterproofing of the house is an important feature of keeping your house safe from seepage, moulds and other problems caused by water. Imagine a rainy day when you notice a dripping sound hitting the inside of your plaster ceiling. Over time, the wall...

      2021-08-24 11:27

      Do You Know What Is Waterproofing?

      What is the purpose of waterproofing? The purpose of waterproofing is to prevent water penetrations into concrete surfaces. Commonly used materials for waterproofing in the building including cementitious material, bituminous material, liquid waterpro...

      2021-08-16 13:18

      How to Apply Ceramic Tile Grout/Sealer (Do-It-Yourself) For Your New Home In Malaysia?

      What is ceramic tile? Ceramic tile is a combination of clays and other all-natural materials. The distinctive clays are mined from the ground, shaped, coloured as well as fired in kilns. Customary ceramic tiles may be coloured and rendered unglazed li...

      2021-07-19 13:57

      How to Choose The Best Waterproofing Materials?

      You will be able to select the best waterproofing materials for your individual needs by understanding what kind of materials you want to waterproof. For examples, wood, concrete, and bricks require different waterproofing materials to make materials ...

      2021-07-12 13:41

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