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      Do You Know The Roof Also Need Some Love?

      When thinking of renovation, people often associate it with the interior of the house, whether its a new door or a collection of furniture that adds to the living space. The exterior of the house is often overlooked, especially the roof, which provide...

      2021-05-11 10:49

      The Waterproofing Material That Are Most Commonly Used and Seen

      One of the most important applications in a construction is waterproofing. Waterproofing improves the durability of many different surfaces in construction. In addition, waterproofing materials should be applied in order to ensure the comfort of the h...

      2021-05-04 15:10

      Yes, Fixing A Bathroom Leak Can Be Done Without Removing Tiles!

      Most Common Facing: ⚠️Have a neighbour complaining about your toilet or bathroom leaking water to their ceiling? ⚠️ Water is not running off your building fast and there is water ponding. ⚠️Have yellowish patches of peeling paint works o...

      2021-04-29 15:58

      Easy Way Of Roof Leaking Solution

      Leaky Roof! These two words are a nightmare for homeowners. Water is one of the insidious enemies that always wants to enter your house. Once it enters, the damage can be far more than your expectations, no matter your roof is metal roofing, stone-coa...

      2021-04-23 15:53

      When There Have a Leak in a Wall!

      As we know that more of the water leaks are caused by the defective plumbing, but leaks can also come from rainwater draining down inside the walls or from a cracked and leaky foundation, and also water-seepage from windowsill. Long-term water leakage...

      2021-04-14 15:32

      My Roof is Leaking! What Should I Do?

      Dont Wait! It is important to take action when it comes to a roof leak even the leak is not serious yet, we must fix it now. In Malaysia, often we heard that a stain on their ceiling or possibly some bubbling for a while but thought it wasnt serious. ...

      2021-03-30 13:29

      Whether Your Exterior Walls Enough To Withstand Destroyed By A Steady Onslaught Of Rainwater?

      While many water leaks are caused by defective plumbing, leaks can also come from rainwater draining down inside the walls or from a cracked and leaky foundation. Long-term leaks can cause structural damage within your walls and can also lead to serio...

      2021-03-18 15:30

      Why Your Colour Steel Tile Roof Leaking And How To Fix It?

      Nowadays, there are many factories using the colour steel tiles on their roofs. However, the colour steel tile exposed to wind, rain, and sun for a long-time, plus the house owner negligent which lack management, there have various degrees of rusting,...

      2021-03-11 14:18

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