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We Want You! QINGLONG Cup Special Event ~ [MASTER SIFU] Contest

Published:2021-03-08 11:06

QINGLONG Cup Special Event ~ [MASTER SIFU]
✅ Eligible participants will be entitled to the rewards.
✅ Limited registration

Terms and Conditions
1. All participants MUST submit a completed of construction photos/videos with Qinglong's products to customer service BEFORE 10th March 2021.
2. Qinglong company will post the completed work of all participants to the album of Facebook [MASTER SIFU] on 11th March 2021.
3. Participants allowed canvassing for their votes during the period between 12th March 2021 to 14th March 2021, and the voting results will be announced on 15th March 2021.
4. Scoring Criteria: The total number of LIKES, COMMENTS, and SHARE will be representing the scores of the participants. There are ONLY counted as the maximum of 3 points of each participant.
5. ONLY the top THREE participants will be entitled to win 1st prize, subsequently 2nd prize, and 3rd prize. Other participants will be given awarded prizes.
6. The Organizer (QINGLONG BUILDING SUPPLIES SDN BHD) shall reserves the right to amend the Contest Terms and Conditions at any time at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notice.

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