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QINGLONG Marketing Director Shared His Knowledge of Waterproofing Membrane

Published:2020-10-02 09:18

On August 21, 2020, the preliminary contest of the 2020 Building Materials Industry Vocational Skills Competition - [Qinglong Cup] Construction Waterproofing Industry Vocational Skills Competition (South China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Division) was held in Zhongshan, Guangdong by the host Guangdong Qinglong Waterproofing. The contest presented the joint demonstrations of the cross-strait and four places, igniting the entire waterproof industry.

So why we choose SBS, PVC and other waterproofing membranes in the competition? What are the characteristics of this year's waterproofing competition? The Marketing Director of Qinglong Waterproofing, Mr. He accepted an interview with our reporter and analysed in detail for us from the perspective of the market.
Marketing Director of Qinglong Waterproofing, Mr. He during an interview.
Marketing Director of Qinglong Waterproofing, Mr. He during an interview.

Reporter: Hello Mr. He, marketing director of Guangdong Qinglong Waterproofing. May you explain with our representer some materials and construction precautions used in this competition?

Mr. He: Yes. Hello everyone. There are many masters in the waterproofing industry today. I would like to represent as host and organizer to express some small opinions. The site has divided into three projects, one is SBS, PVC, and the other is bathroom tile beauty sewing.

So, for this competition, we have used more traditional materials, and did not use some new and special materials. They are all traditional products. It is because (1) Everyone's acceptance is relatively high; (2) More simpler things can reflect the level.

There are several test sites area for this competition. From the perspective of the SBS paving model, the players should pay attention to a few points. The first is the standardization of the tools used, because SBS requires fire operations and must follow the SOP, otherwise, there are security risks.

Secondly, compared with traditional SBS, now has some upgrades which the SBS membrane is covered with sand, meaning that either the waterproof material good or low quality depends mainly on its overlap. If the overlap is not strong, even if its waterproof physical performance is better, its waterproof layer will fail.

So, this is the PVC polymer self-adhesive membrane, which is also mainly to test the lap of the players. If the lap is not strong, the membrane will easily flow through. For polymers, whether it is PVC, HTPE, or TPO, they are all use the same construction method. We chose Qinglong's PVC waterproof membrane for this competition, and its lap principle is hot air welding. Hot-air welding can be divided into single welding wire and double welding wire.

The contestant competition is also a simulated roofing project. First, cut the line and lapped. The lap joint cannot be less than 6 cm, it is because polymer materials have relatively strong tension, they are not as conformable as modified asphalt materials, and its difficulty is slightly higher than that of SBS.

There are one of another group in doing the toilet tiles. Not only the experiences master but also have a lot of young players during the competition. Therefore, waterproof skilled workers are not ordinary migrant workers without technical content, but those with technical content that can be recognized by society.

For this competition, it is also recognized by the National Human Resources and Social Security Administration. Players with excellent performance will be awarded certificates.

Reporter: Mr. He, may you cheer for our player which they are look at serious and professional during the competition.

Mr. He: I hope that all the players will deal with it calmly, the level and style of the competition! Thanks