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Warning! About our company's picture abused and marketing creative stolen for other purpose!

  • February 18,2020.

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There are nothings new for plagiarism, but it becomes easier and more tempting than ever as we enter 2020. As we enter the internet era, the pace of business and the [ctrl C+V] ease of the Internet have made the plagiarism easy. Those people won't consider about ethics due to the convenience.

Recently, one of a company which located in Foshan, Guangdong has misappropriated and plagiarised our company QINGLONG “Home Waterproofing Plan” and related with its product images, imitating our brand positioning, marketing policies etc, which has seriously violated our rights and interest, and constitute unfair competition that may directly affected our company’s image. Social reputation has caused serious distress to our company and our customers. Qinglong Company strongly condemns this and reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility.

The illegal involving in global franchise’s image and copywriting which posted by that company show irresponsible, it is because our company’s staff has spent a lot of effort and time to design. Plagiarists use simple techniques to embezzle and plagiarize our results, and even to our company. Those who like to copy the idea from the other people to obtain the customer’s trust, which may only cause the integrity and strength of its own brand to be greatly reduced, and undermine customer trust at the end.

Therefore, our company specially notarized the marketing page and related content, and applied for copyright at the same time. Regarding the above plagiarism and copy paste, our company has collected relevant evidence and notified our legal counsel, hoping that the illegal company will abide by the national regulations and its professional ethics as soon as possible, otherwise we will reserve the following rights for investigation.

Since Qinglong company officially entered the Home Waterproofing market in August 2017, Qinglong has proposed a new retail market concept for home waterproofing also a first time, with six of QL Waterproofing Leak Repair Product System, and six core elements of waterproofing, and also the obvious the “Distribution Scope” positioning has won recognition from customers, etc. These are all facts that the industry knows well and cannot be doubted or copied.

【The wise create opportunities, the strong grasp the opportunity, the weak wait for opportunities.】

These images are some of the copied and plagiarism pages from Foshan company: