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Qinglong Malaysia Hundred Cities [Technical of Waterproofing Conference] in Kuala Lumpur Station has ended successfully

  • December 18,2019.

PETALING JAYA: On 14th December 2019, Qinglong waterproofing company has ended successfully the waterproofing conference in Sheraton Hotel, Petaling Jaya which organised by Qinglong Company.
qinglong waterproofing invitation

There are many building hardware suppliers, customers and those who engaging in relevant industry from other states also cordially invited to attend this conference. Meanwhile, the Chairman of Qinglong company, Mr Song from china was attended this conference together with the merchant director of home improvement, director of customer services, project specialist to meet with the Malaysia manager Mr Hu and organiser Ms YUMI.

All the seats are occupied and the atmosphere was very active during the conference. Some of the guests came from other states such as Penang, Sarawak, etc. were also fully support to attend.
qinglong waterproofing event

At the beginning of the conference, the chairman of Qinglong, Mr Song was giving his first speech. He expressed a warm welcome and thanks to everyone who attended to this event. Besides that, he briefly introduced the Qinglong company’s development history, and foreign planning, especially the company’s progress waterproofing project in Country Garden Pacific View at Johor Bahru. He believed that the Qinglong waterproofing products will bring more benefits and career advancement for everyone.
the chairman of qinglong waterproofing

Moreover, the merchant director of home improvement, Mr Wang explained the Qinglong Waterproofing Leak Repair Products Systems with its production design, foundation repair, products performance, and construction methods. He mentioned that will bring the most advanced technology of waterproof design and the solutions from China.
qinglong home improvement of director

everywhere in one waterproof coatings
(qinglong colleague are engaging with the guest to show the tensile strength of qinglong waterproofing products) 

The director of customer service, Mr Yang explained the building’s most common leaking and foundation repair, with different area such as bathroom, rooftop, wall etc. Thus, he also analyses the waterproof problems and introduces the technical of PU injection which is the most applied materials.
qinglong PU injection

The manager of Malaysia, Ms Yumi introduced the Qinglong’s policy of global franchise from the waterproofing market, technical, product quality, operation, and policy support.

At the end of the conference, more of the guests are sign for the global franchise contract and some of the guest purchase the waterproof products.
qinglong global franchise