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When QINGLONG Malaysia Waterproofing Company meets The 126th Import and Export Fair

  • October 21,2019.

The China Import and Export Fair (CIEF), also known as the Canton Fair, was originated in the spring of 1957 and held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. During the history of 125 sessions, it has borne the record among the international comprehensive trade fairs, with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most attendances, the most complete varieties of goods and the highest business turnover.

On October 15th to 19th, 2019, the 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was opened in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Complex. Qinglong waterproofing company has brought a variety of products to exhibit and the Qinglong waterproofing products with its excellent performance all over the world. Meanwhile, it was also the second times for Qinglong company to attend this great fair in this year which to show their quality of waterproofing products and excellence services all over the world.

Qinglong Waterproofing Leak Repair Product System were catch the eyes of guests.
The Qinglong Waterproofing Leak Repair Product System was placed in the very conspicuous position which was useful to attract more guests to visit. These products including QL Everywhere In One Waterproofing, QL Waterproof Sealant, QL C1, QL C2, QL NO.3 and QL Home Use Waterproof Membrane where have the good product quality performance, easy to apply or mixture to apply, and even can solved the 90% of house leaking problems.
During the exhibition, Qinglong company's staff introduced the performance of waterproofing products to the guests through samples and models, which was catch the eyes of the guests and also the other guests very interested  to visit the booth  to inquire about the specific performance and construction methods of the products, and some even experienced the products themselves and detonated the scene.

Qinglong waterproofing brand is praised by foreign businessmen
During the exhibition, the customers who visited the Qinglong booth on the spot were crowded and the staff of Qinglong were even overwhelmed.

Foreign businessmen who visited Qinglong waterproofing products, when they heard about Qinglong's overseas expansion, especially when Qinglong became the largest supplier of waterproof materials for Forest Cities in Johor Bharu, Malaysia, they paid close attention to staff and asked for more details.

In this session of the Canton Fair, Qinglong company not only invited existing customers to come to view the new products, experience new products, but also ushered in a large number of new customers from all over the world to jointly explore the prospects of waterproof trapping, GRC/GRG and other fields in the Qinglong booth.

The Canton Fair were held the fifth days. Through the international platform of the Canton Fair, Qinglong waterproofing company proven to the global merchants the latest technology and strength of the company in the field of waterproofing industry.