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Guangxi University Library

Published:2020-03-09      Views:

  The new library of Guangxi University was completed on November 20, 2002. It was officially opened in 2003 with a construction area of 32,338m². It is the largest building in Guangxi with the most advanced facilities, most modern and had the best network connection of its time. The waterproofing project of the roof was originally undertaken by another waterproofing enterprise, but the waterproof design scheme was rough, the details were not very well handled, and many parts just had the look but not the quality. It could not weather the massive rainstorms, which made the school board very uneasy.

(Guangxi University Library roof waterproofing to use Qinglong solid waterproof system)

  In May and June 2016, Nanning, Guangxi, suffered several heavy rainstorms. Although the Guangxi University Library roof had been waterproof-treated, due to the lack of strict construction, all the connections were done relatively rough. After experiencing heavy rain, there were many leaks with some being very serious, which had a very negative impact on the library.

(Existing waterproofing membrane for roof)

   In order to successfully carry out this project, the Qinglong team went through field visits and carefully analyzed the existing waterproofing. In conclusion, the original waterproofing works was not up to standard, and there were many signs of leakage. Simple tinkering would not completely solve the leaks, it had to be completely redone. Therefore, Qinglong solid composite waterproofing system was created, combining the Hot-laid Non-curing Waterproof Coating + 2mm thick PCM Reactive Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane. The composite use of Non-curing Waterproof Coating and Membrane system gives a double waterproof protection, total adhesion, with little requirements on the base, which greatly reduced the construction time and reduced chances of leakage caused by construction defects due to workmanship and so on. With that, we fundamentally eradicated all signs of leakage, and cleared the site from all moisture.

(Qinglong employees applying Non-curing waterproof coating on the base surface)

(Qinglong employees laying PCM Waterproof Membrane)

   At present, the waterproofing projects using the Qinglong solid waterproofing system (Non-curing Waterproof Coating + PCM Waterproofing Membrane composite waterproofing system), are Tuscana Lake Valle of Ningbo, Changhong Logistics Park of Mianyang, Sichuan, Jujin Huayuan of Yulin, Guangxi, etc. The waterproof results are remarkable, and it is highly recognized by the construction units, project contractors and clients. A truly effective waterproofing.

(After completion of Qinglong solid waterproof system on the roof)