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Chateau Star River, Guangzhou

Published:2020-03-09      Views:

     In 2000, Chateau Star River was established on the riverside oasis of Panyu, the central commercial and residential area in Guangzhou. Since then, it embarked on the journey as “Quality Real Estate”. It is located at the exit of the Hua Nan Expressway in the South China Subplate of Guangzhou. It is an ecological reserve of Nanchunzhen. Sanzhixiang tributary of Pearl River is at its north, while a natural hill with great vegetation is at its east, Chateau Star River covers more than 800,000m². Since its development, Chateau Star River has always adopted the development concept of joining forces and rise above all, and hence has teamed up with local and foreign professional companies to build a versatile Star River with a fusion of western and chinese cultures. In this way, the quality of living environment, living quality and urban landscape will be improved in an all-round manner, creating a new type of real estate development featuring "willingness, care and innovation" to lead the real estate industry in China into a new era of "Quality Real Estate".