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Coral Palace Holiday Inn, Country Garden, Hainan

Published:2020-03-09      Views:

  The Coral Palace Holiday Inn is a tourism-oriented property created by Country Garden and Hainan Yuhai Real Estate. The project is located in the International Bay Area of Qingshui Bay, Lingshui, Sanya. It has a 330-meter-long, top of the line seascape; supermarkets, karaoke centre, aerobics room, billiard room, gymnasium, 2800㎡ infinity pool, 300 acres of plant nursery to create a "Royal Garden Museum" and other holiday amenities are readily available. 

In 2013, as the leader of the real estate industry, Country Garden Real Estate Group achieved annual contracted sales of RMB 106 billion. Country Garden is extremely strict with the quality of construction waterproofing materials and the progress of the project. In 2008, Qinglong Waterproof was invited to Qingshuiwan in Hainan to do the waterproofing of Agile artificial lake, and successfully landed on the waterproofing project of Qingshuiwan's top luxury homes. Six years later, Qinglong was invited again to Qingshuiwan to do waterproofing for the Country Garden Coral Palace, becoming a designated waterproof material supplier to jointly build the top luxury homes in Qingshui Bay, and to make anew the existing high-end luxurious homes of Qingshui. It is reported that Country Garden Group has proposed to strictly guarantee the quality of products, adequate product supply capacity, but also to ensure a moderate price, for enterprises participating in the tender. In order to select high-standard partners, Country Garden has gone through the bidding qualifications of the inspecting enterprises, publicly bidding for qualified enterprises, and then investigating the strengths of the factory, and finally going to project sites to do large sample testing, it took several months. They examined the comprehensive capabilities of each company in many ways, and eliminating several waterproof manufacturers at each level. Qinglong was shortlisted as a supplier of waterproof materials, which proves that Qinglong waterproof material has excellent waterproof performance and can fully meet the customers waterproofing engineering requirements.
Qinglong undertook the waterproofing of the basement and roof and etc. of the mentioned project. The material used is Qinglong PCM Reactive Adhesive Polymer Waterproofing Membrane. The project is progressing smoothly and the waterproofing project is being carried out in an orderly manner. Qinglong PCM Reactive Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane has been well received by customers since its launch. The main advantages of the membrane are as follows: outstanding material, excellent quality; cost effective, large profit margin; simple construction and outstanding results.

(Coral Palace Holiday Inn)