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Luxelakes Eco-City, Chengdu

Published:2020-03-09      Views:

   Luxelakes Eco-City is located in the heart of Tianfu New Area in Chengdu. The key development of that entire area is creative production, tourism and residence, creating a new area which is suitable for commercial, business and living. Yet another brand new project by Wanhua right after completing Lushan.

Wanhua Investment Group continued to explore areas with strategic value and launched Luxelakes Eco-city project through its insights into Chengdu's future economic development and trends. Their strategic partners include 30 internationally renowned planning, construction and decoration design companies from Europe, America, North America and Asia. Being a well-known brand in China's waterproof industry, Qinglong Group has collaborated with nationally renowned real estate developers such as Country Garden, Agile, and Xinhe Real Estate. The cooperation with Wanhua will be a cross-border innovation, complementing each other's strengths and gaining mutual benefit, meanwhile creating higher values.
Currently, Luxelakes Eco-City waterproofing construction has begun. The waterproof project undertaken by Qinglong includes the basement roof, column pier, balcony, garage and other parts with a total of about 10,000㎡ waterproofing area. The waterproof material used in the project is CQ104 Single-component Moisture Cure Polyurethane(PU) Waterproof Coating and PCM Reactive Adhesive Polymer Waterproofing Membrane. During the construction process, Qinglong Company sent professional and technical personnel to the site to guide the construction of critical areas and perform technical disclosures. Due to the high quality work, Qinglong had received high recognition and acclaimation from the client.
Qinglong Company has recently won the bid for Mingzhuan Garden in Zhonghai, Zhuhai and major projects like Luxelakes Eco-city in Wanhua; as well as other major waterproofing projects in other major cities and towns. The waterproofing project of Wanhua's Luxelakes Eco-city had become yet another glorious battle of Qinglong in taking over the western and central regions. It has once again proved that Qinglong Waterproof has the strength and rich experience in undertaking waterproofing projects of major properties in big cities.