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Longwan International Garden, Zhongshan by China Overseas

Published:2020-03-09      Views:

Longwan International Garden by COLI is a top-class landmark mansion co-developed by Qinglong Waterproofing Company and China Overseas Land and Investment Limited. The total land area of the project is more than 80,000㎡ , and the total built-up area is about 210,000㎡. The project is the benchmark of ecological luxurious mansions in the Pearl River Delta. Hence, the client was extremely strict with the material selection and waterproof construction. After a number of comparative analysis and inspecting Qinglong's waterproof construction site, the waterproof material supply and construction were finally handed over to Qinglong.
The waterproofing project of Longwan International Garden covers 50,000㎡, among which are the shear walls and ceilings of the basement. The materials used were Qinglong 911 Polyurethane Waterproof Coating (CQ107) and Polyethylene Polypropylene. Due to continuous rainfall, the basement has been immersed in water for a long time, which made it difficult for the construction. However, Qinglong takes every construction detail very seriously and ensures that the construction will be completed within the construction period. The basement waterproofing project is near completion and has received unanimous approval from the client.

(Longwan International Garden Construction Site)