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Fuzhou Metro Line 1

Published:2020-03-28      Views:

  Fuzhou Rail Transit Line 1 (Fuzhou Metro Line 1) is the first line in the urban network of Fuzhou rail transit. Construction began at the end of 2009, and it is expected to be put into trial operation by the end of 2014. Fuzhou Rail Transit Line 1 (Xiangfeng station to new administrative center station) has 24 stations with a total length of 29.2km. Line 1 connects four districts of Jin'an, Gulou, Taijiang and Cangshan. It starts from May 4th North and passes through Dongjiekou, Shimao Tiancheng and Zhongting street to Fuzhou South Railway Station and east new city of Fuzhou new administrative center.

  The material used in this project is cq104 one component moisture curing polyurethane waterproof coating. As the waterproof materials produced by Qinglong company have excellent performance, convenient construction and operation, and excellent project quality, they have been specially awarded by China Railway 17th Bureau.

Fuzhou Metro Line 1