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Metropolis Cruise, Hong Kong

Published:2020-03-09      Views:

  Metropolis Cruise, formerly known as the Minghui Princess, was renamed in 2007 and sailed for 2 days and 1 night in the name of "Metropolitan Cruise". Metropolis Cruise was constructed in Kanasashi Shipbuilding, Japan. With the first sailing year, 1972, it The world-class marine cruise ship with a displacement of 17,261 tons, is nine stories high, and there are 300 deluxe rooms, which can Carry 380 passengers. It is a large-scale luxury cruise ship with well-equipped facilities in Hong Kong. The onboard facilities include: chinese restaurant, western restaurant, casino, night club, karaoke room, sauna, etc. A place with everything. All of which are well-equipped to ensure that each passenger gets the most enjoyment.

After receiving the order, the company sent an elite construction team to Hong Kong to start operations. A series of factors have brought a severe test to the construction; the repeated weather changes in Hong Kong, the frequent rain; the base coat was stubborn, As the patchy rusting made it difficult to clean with its widespread bubble texture; in addition, the cruise ship needed to operate normally during the day, so the construction was mostly carried out at night, and so forth. Qinglong Company has always attached great importance After every chairman, the member of the board, Mr Song Dunqing found out, he personally went to site. He had a discussion with the company's chief engineer Xu Xinsheng on the optimal plan of action, and of beginning to guide the construction. In consideration of the unique construction site, with it exposed to the sea and sun, finally they decided on CQ101 waterproof sealant with excellent comprehensive perform. With the weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, mold resistance, salt resistance, ozone resistance, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and oil resistance. First fill the up to 10mm with special fiber. After level it, with a 3mm thickness. Next, apply Qinglong CQ101 waterproof sealant as top coat, allow it to flow and level naturally. After a week of hard work, the construction was successfully completed.


 (On-site Construction Drawing)