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Foshan Guangjin International Business Center

Published:2020-03-28      Views:

  Guangjin international business center is a 200000 square meter comprehensive business and Trade Center built by Guangjin group with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. The project has such business forms as home building materials, business hotels, SOHO apartments and supporting businesses, and will become Shunde's large-scale home building materials purchasing center.

  The whole project is completed in three phases, with 16 buildings in total. Qinglong company has undertaken the design and construction of all waterproof projects including basement, roof and toilet. Among them, Qinglong PCM self-adhesive roll material is used for basement and roof waterproofing, with a total area of 40000 square meters. Due to the tight construction period and heavy task of the project, it brings great challenges to the construction party. However, Qinglong PCM self-adhesive coiled material saves time and labor, and adopts the wet paving method for construction. One process can achieve the waterproof effect, which greatly saves the construction period, labor and cost, and lays the foundation for the successful completion of the project. Therefore, it is highly praised by Party A.