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Fisherman's Wharf, Zhanjiang

Published:2020-03-09      Views:

  Zhanjiang Fisherman's Wharf Project is invested and developed by Zhanjiang Zhongxin Co., Ltd. After ten years of dedication and tens of billions of efforts, a tourism commercial complex of Splendid Gulf City was established. The project has become a landmark of Guangdong Province, a precedent project for coastal cities and an important project for upgrading and advancing Zhanjiang City. The project is divided into three major sections: the Fisherman's Wharf City, the Techeng Island and the Red-billed Gull Cruise. The completed Fisherman's Wharf is a bay city tourism commercial complex integrating sightseeing, living, shopping, seafood restaurants, trade business, and holiday resort.

The total construction area of the project is more than 1,000,000m². As it is a striving Gulf City commercial complex, and located close to the bay, the selection of waterproof materials, waterproof construction requirements were extremely strict. After a number of comparative analysis, several nationally well-known waterproof material suppliers such as Qinglong were shortlisted for the job. Through an open and fair bidding, the waterproof material supply and construction was finally awarded to Qinglong Company.
The waterproof area of the first phase of the Zhanjiang Fisherman's Wharf project goes up to 60,000㎡, covering the basement, retaining walls and ceilings. The PCM Reactive Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane was selected with the wet laying application method, which made it convenient and simple, and the technical requirements towards the workers are not high. Thus, it greatly improves the progress of the project and reduces the construction period. Currently, the waterproof project is under fast-paced construction. Qinglong is striving for excellence, and we believe that together with developers, we can create remarkable construction landmarks for Zhanjiang.
According to Bai, Head of Project, being awarded the Zhanjiang Fisherman's Wharf waterproof project has doubled the pressure on him, despite having undertaken many major waterproofing projects in Zhanjiang with much higher requirements than the others around. Such as the Splendid Gulf City, Harbour New Town, Taihui Plaza, Zhanjiang Jinsha Bay, and CNOOC West Mining District Dormitory. However, it is still rare to see one with waterproofing requirements as strict as that of Fisherman's Wharf. Regardless, he believes that with Qinglong backing him, with its superior waterproof materials and technical team, it is no doubt achievable to create an excellent waterproof project that would make their developers proud.

(Zhanjiang Fisherman's Wharf massively utilizes Qinglong PCM Reactive Adhesive Membrane)