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QingLong Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 in Guangdong, China. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and construction in the building waterproofing industry. It has a profound market foundation and market reputation in China. Its products are widely used in various major infrastructure construction, industrial, civil, commercial buildings, while providing high-quality, one-stop waterproof system solutions.
In 2010, QingLong products entered the Malaysian market. In 2015, QingLong Malaysia branch was officially launched. In the same year, QingLong Waterproof won the bid for Country Garden Danga Bay project in Malaysia. With its excellent product quality and construction services, the company became the largest waterproof material supplier for the world-renowned Malaysian Forest City project. In 2017, once again it won the bid for Country Garden Central Park in Johor, Malaysia and Lake City Kuala Lumpur waterproof projects, in which it has established a long-term and stable strategic partnership with Country Garden, helping Country Garden to build an ultimate waterproof construction. During the construction, the dedication of our overseas construction staff, constructive management, highly effective construction, excellent waterproof effect have received compliments from our customers.
“Make every building no water leakage” is the mission of QingLong Company. Considering the majority of Malaysian end consumer have high standards for quality waterproof product, QingLong is dedicated to solve the domestic leakage problem of the locals. In 2018, the production base of QingLong Malaysia was put into production. With its special products and core technology, QingLong established a good reputation in no time. It is the first in the industry to use one agent in one county as an investment modal, and came up with “A thousand stores in a hundred cities”, making “USE QINGLONG • NO LEAKING” a widely-known brand.

Development Events

  • 2021–01
    QINGLONG Building Supplies Sdn Bhd was elected the industry partner of MALAYSIA GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL.
  • 2020-03
    Received the Letter of Thanks regarding of Anti-epidemic from Hubei Shishou.
  • 2020-02
    China's Second "QingLong Cup" Practical Waterproofing Competition which successfully held via live streaming.
  • 2020-01
    Qinglong Chief Quality Officer (CQO), Mr Zhangke awarded the Third prize of excellent of his work Popular Science of《China National Building Waterproof EASY LIVING》.
  • 2019
    Home improvement dealer has increased more than 800 outlets annually and break the industry new recordat the same time.
  • 2019-12
    Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd
  • 2019-12
    The Chairman of Qinglong company, Mr Song has awarded the "Award for Outstanding Achievement" in "Future Leaders Forum" and also awarded the certificate of "2019 National Architectural Science and Technology promotion items".
  • 2019-09
    Starting the China's Second "QingLong Cup" Practical Waterproofing Competition and Technical Conference.
  • 2019-08
    Malaysia's First "QingLong Cup" Practical Waterproofing Competition successfully held at Kuala Lumpur on 7th August 2019
  • 2019-03
    Qinglong Company won the Country Garden's 2018 “Excellent Supplier Award”
  • 2019-03
    Qinglong was awarded as "Excellent Subcontractor Award" by China Construction Eighth Engineering Division
  • 2019-03
    China's First "QingLong Cup" Practical Waterproofing Competition and the second "Construction Forum" which successfully held at Zhongshan, China on 7th & 8th, March 2019
  • 2019-01
    QingLong Malaysia started with its global franchise mode with "Limited One Dealer in One Region"
  • 2019-01
    Newly signed with 5 bid tenders with total amount of 10 million (RM) in Malaysia
  • 2018-12
    Qinglong won “A Century Carpenter Star" award in the construction industry
  • 2018-11
    Successfully held the GRC association "Night of QingLong"
  • 2018-07
    QingLong Malaysia production site was officially operation
  • 2018-03
    The chairman of QingLong, Mr Song won the qualification of "Senior Architecture Engineer"
  • 2018-03
    Qinglong Company won the Country Garden's 2017 “Excellent Supplier Award”
  • 2018-03
    QingLong was successfully held the "Leak-proof Repair" forum
  • 2018-01
    Signed the strategic co-operation agreement with CCTV, and also appeared its waterproofing brand on CCTV
  • 2017-12
    Qinglong Guangxi Company was successfully certified as "Gazelle Enterprise" in Guangxi Autonomous Region in 2017
  • 2017-10
    Established Qinglong Home Improvement Waterproof College
  • 2017-10
    The department of Qinglong Home Improvement Waterproof was established and set-up the Investor Protection Fund with the total amount of Twenty million (RMB) with Ping An Insurance Company of China.
  • 2017-02
    QingLong company was successfully identified as the "National High-tech Enterprise"
  • 2016-12
    Won the First-Class Qualification for Professional Contractor of Waterproofing and Anti-corrosion Insulation
  • 2016-12
    Won the "Top 10 Competitiveness Suppliers" award in China real estate waterproof material
  • 2016-04
    Start-up with new model of "3+2" co-operation dealer policy
  • 2015-12
    QingLong Malaysia branch was officially established
  • 2015
    The Chairman of QingLong, Mr Song and the Marketing Director, Mr He were special trip to Malaysia for their site investigation
  • 2014-12
    QingLong won the title of "Waterproofing Brand"
  • 2014-07
    Shanghai branch of QingLong was established
  • 2014-06
    Won the "Self-discipline Benchmarking Enterprise in Quality of Waterproofing"
  • 2013-05
    Become the strategic partnership with Country Garden
  • 2011-11
    Certified by the Designation of High and New Technology Enterprises
  • 2011-08
    Guangxi QingLong's GRC artistic work manufacture base has officially operation
  • 2011-02
    The administrative office building of Guangxi Qinglong Chemical Building Material Co., Ltd. has officially operation
  • 2011-01
    Signed the co-operation agreement with American CARliENTERSTONE company
  • 2010-04
    QingLong's new EVB trademark registration
  • 2010
    Have won the bidding of waterproofing projects in Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center (Integration of waterproofing, insulation, and decoration), Changsha, Fuzhou Metro, and Nanjing South railway station.
  • 2009
    Won the National Second-class Qualification for waterproofing projects
  • 2008
    Pioneering with "Specialty Store + Engineering Agency" mode
  • 2008-05
    Pass the GB/T24001:2001, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certificate
  • 2006
    Its production line of self-adhesive waterproof membrane was officially into operation in Guangxi
  • 2005-02
    Guangxi Qinglong Chemical Building Material Co., Ltd. was establised
  • 1997
    QingLong Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 in Guangdong, China and also one of the largest scale of manufacturer in comprehensive of building material in China