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  • QL- Waterproof Sealant

QL- Waterproof Sealant

Product specification:1kg, 5kg, 18kg
Coating amount:1.2~1.3kg/㎡
Storage period:12 months
Construction method:
Scope of application:bathrooms, kitchens, balconies

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QL- Waterproof Sealant简介

QL- Waterproof Sealant is a quality product manufactured by sophisticated equipment with excellent adhesion and strong elasticity. Using high-quality elastic substance as main materials and added with various auxiliary materials such as polymer rubber and stabilizer.

Product Features:
1. It can form a firm and long-lasting adhesion to various materials such as concrete, metal and plastic.

2. It has excellent crack resistance and self-healing properties, thus can adapt to deformation and cracking of various structures;

3. Easy to apply; it can be used immediately after opening and applied on wet-based surfaces and joints with different materials;

4. Non-toxic, solvent-free, non-radioactive, it is a water-based environmental-friendly product.

Application Range:
1. Waterproofing and moisture-proofing of bathroom, balcony, kitchen and etc;

2. Waterproofing of roofs, basements and pools;

3. Waterproof and sealing of various wall pipes and concrete cracks.
Construction tools

Application Methods:
For Waterproof Layer
1. Base surface preparation: The surface must be firm, clean, and no oil, water and flaking.  Cracks and other defects should be repaired with the Fast leakage fix, internal and external corners to be made round.

2. Joints preparation: The bottom of the tube, internal and external angles are to be pre-painted with Waterproof Sealant;

3. First layer scrape coating: Apply the Waterproof Sealant evenly on the base surface that needs to be waterproofed. Note that the coating should not be too thick;

4. Second-layer scrape coating: After the first layer is dry and non-sticky to hand, apply the second layer evenly in perpendicular direction to the first layer, to ensure that the base is not exposed.

**Recommended amount: For 1mm thickness under normal conditions, use about 1.2~1.3kg/㎡

For Crack repair:
1. Cleaning of the crack: Clean the inside and outside of the crack, ensure that it is firm, free of oil, water, dust and etc. Large cracks need to be repaired with Fast Leakage Fix first.

2. Coating of the crack: Apply the Waterproof Sealant inside the crack, and then evenly brush it within 10cm of both sides of the crack. It needs to be painted 2 to 3 times, and the thickness should be controlled between 1.5~2.0mm.

Recommended Tools
Brush, spatula, float trowel, electronic mixer, mixing bucket

QL- Waterproof Sealant Technical Index

QL- Waterproof Sealant Packaging & Transportation

Packaging and Transportation:
1. Packaging includes: 1kg, 5kg, 18kg.

2. It is a non-flammable and non-dangerous product which can be transported safely.

3. Stored in a dry and cool warehouse, it has a 12-month shelf life.

QL- Waterproof Sealant Notice